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RapidLoad Pontoon Loader

The only way to load your pontoon boat.

The RapidLoad pontoon trailer guide system is the fastest, most stress-free way to load your pontoon or tritoon to your trailer. The RapidLoad is perfect for loading and unloading your tritoon/pontoon in all water conditions. The system uses self-leveling floats that fit pontoon trailers and tritoon trailers up to 26’. 


How to load your pontoon or tritoon by yourself.

What makes the RapidLoad System the best way to trailer your pontoon?

The RapidLoad loading system is designed to work with both pontoons and tritoons. The universal design of this easy-to-use pontoon trailer system offers:


Single-person loading and unloading
Easy use in all water conditions
Quickly load or unload your pontoon or tritoon without tying up the ramp
Comes with a universal mounting kit to fit most pontoon trailers
Ideal for river boating

How Does the RapidLoad System Work?


RapidLoad Customer Reviews

Don’t let a relaxing day on the water be ruined by the stress of loading your pontoon or tritoon. We know you’ll love your RapidLoad system just like these customers!

This product works great and is very durable, I only wish I had found it sooner. This product is worth the money all day long if you care about your Tritoon boat and your time.


My wife and I would take 45-60 minutes to trailer the boat. A relaxing day on the river was ruined by the stress of getting Our pontoon loaded. With these new floating guides, we can trailer the boat in under 5 minutes.


Thank you again for selling me the loading system for my Bennington Pontoon Boat.  We have loaded the boat twice now and all went well.  I am so glad that I went ahead and bought the Rapid Load System.  
We load the boat onto the trailer with everyone on the boat.  The whole family commented on how easy the boat loaded onto the trailer.  I got a few comments from people at the dock saying that is the easiest that they have seen a tritoon loaded up.  

Dennis S.


About Us

We’re Ryan and Alex Brehmer. Brothers who grew up in a small town in Northeast Nebraska and spend lots of time on the water with our father, Jamie. 

The RapidLoad system was born out of necessity. We would have a great time on the river or lake, but when it came time to get our pontoon boat out of the water, it became a struggle.


By the end, we were yelling and cussing at each other, and a day’s worth of relaxation would evaporate. 

Our family has a history of manufacturing, product design, and entrepreneurship. So our dad took those tools and designed the first RapidLoad trailer guide system and sold it through our family company, Brehmer Mfg. We, as brothers, decided to purchase the design and strike out on our own. 

We know that RapidLoad can keep your pontoon or tritoon boating experience from ending in frustration. 


Reserve your RapidLoad System

We are currently taking orders.


Please complete the form located at the link below and tell us about your pontoon or tritoon boat, the type of trailer you use, and what issues you’re facing when trying to load or unload your pontoon boat.

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